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Tom Ford Collection

Tom Ford's first fragrance: Black Orchid introduced in 2006 was Tom Ford's first creation.

Tom Ford's newest fragrance: Metallique released in 2019 is the latest addition to Tom Ford's fragrance list. Here you will find all the new perfumes from Tom Ford along with the most popular fragrances in the collection.

Tom Ford Perfumers: The perfumers that have contributed in the creation of Tom Ford's growing fragrance collection are Antoine Lie, Antoine Maisondieu, Aurelien Guichard, Calice Becker, Christophe Laudamiel, Clement Gavarry, David Apel, Ellen Molner, Firmenich, Givaudan, Harry Fremont, Honorine Blanc, Jacques Cavallier, Louise Turner, Nathalie Gracia Cetto, Olivier Gillotin, Pascal Gaurin, Pierre Negrin, Richard Herpin, Rodrigo Flores Roux, Shyamala Maisondieu, Sonia Constant, Stephen Nilsen, Yann Vasnier, Yves Cassar.

Tom Ford Fragrance Awards: Fragrance awards for the Tom Ford collection include UK Fragrance Foundation Awards 2007 The Winners - Best New Fragrance in Limited Distribution for Women, UK Fragrance Foundation Awards 2008 The Winners - Best New Prestige Male Fragrance, UK Fragrance Foundation Awards 2008 The Winners - Best New Male Fragrance Print Advertisement, UK Fragrance Foundation Awards 2009 The Winners - Best New Fragrance in Limited Distribution for Women, UK Fragrance Foundation Awards 2010 The Winners - Best New Fragrance in Limited Distribution for Men, UK Fragrance Foundation Awards 2010 The Winners - Best New Prestige Fragrance for Men.

Tom Ford Range

Tom Ford Fragrance Collection History: Tom Ford fragrance collection include the following fragrances Black Orchid perfume for Women 2006, Black Orchid Parfum perfume for Women 2006, Tom Ford cologne for Men 2007, Tom Ford Extreme cologne for Men 2007, Amber Absolute Unisex fragrance 2007, Black Violet Unisex fragrance 2007, Bois Rouge Unisex fragrance 2007, Japon Noir Unisex fragrance 2007, Moss Breches Unisex fragrance 2007, Noir de Noir Unisex fragrance 2007, Oud Wood Unisex fragrance 2007, Purple Patchouli Unisex fragrance 2007, Tobacco Vanille Unisex fragrance 2007, Tuscan Leather Unisex fragrance 2007, Velvet Gardenia Unisex fragrance 2007, Neroli Portofino Unisex fragrance 2007, White Patchouli perfume for Women 2008, Black Orchid Voile de Fleur perfume for Women 2008, Italian Cypress Unisex fragrance 2008, Grey Vetiver cologne for Men 2009, Arabian Wood Unisex fragrance 2009, Bois Marocain Unisex fragrance 2009, Champaca Absolute Unisex fragrance 2009, Jasmine Musk perfume for Women 2009, Musk Pure perfume for Women 2009Urban Musk perfume for Women 2009, White Suede perfume for Women 2009, Azure Lime Unisex fragrance 2010, Violet Blonde perfume for Women 2011, Jasmin Rouge Unisex fragrance 2011, Lavender Palm Unisex fragrance 2011, Santal Blush perfume for Women 2011, Cafe Rose Unisex fragrance 2012, Jonquille de Nuit Unisex fragrance 2012, Lys Fume Unisex fragrance 2012, Ombre de Hyacinth Unisex fragrance 2012, Noir cologne for Men 2012, Sahara Noir perfume for Women 2013, Noir EDT cologne for Men 2013, London Unisex fragrance 2013, Oud Fleur Unisex fragrance 2013, Tobacco Oud Unisex fragrance 2013, Shanghai Lily Unisex fragrance 2013, Fleur de Chine Unisex fragrance 2013, Plum Japonais Unisex fragrance 2013, Rive d'Ambre Unisex fragrance 2013, Velvet Orchid perfume for Women 2014, Velvet Orchid Lumiere perfume for Women 2014, Grey Vetiver EDT cologne for Men 2014, Patchouli Absolu Unisex fragrance 2014, Costa Azzurra Unisex fragrance 2014, Mandarino di Amalfi Unisex fragrance 2014, Black Orchid EDT perfume for Women 2015, Noir Extreme cologne for Men 2015, Noir perfume for Women 2015, Venetian Bergamot Unisex fragrance 2015, Fleur de Portofino Unisex fragrance 2015, Orchid Soleil perfume for Women 2016, Ombre Leather 16 Unisex fragrance 2016, Soleil Blanc Unisex fragrance 2016, Vert Boheme Unisex fragrance 2016, Vert d'Encens Unisex fragrance 2016, Vert de Fleur Unisex fragrance 2016, Vert des Bois Unisex fragrance 2016, Neroli Portofino Acqua Unisex fragrance 2016, Neroli Portofino Forte Unisex fragrance 2016, Black Orchid Hair Mist perfume for Women 2017, Noir Anthracite cologne for Men 2017, Eau de Soleil Blanc Unisex fragrance 2017, Fucking Fabulous Unisex fragrance 2017, Oud Minerale Unisex fragrance 2017, Oud Wood Intense Unisex fragrance 2017, Tobacco Oud Intense Unisex fragrance 2017, Vanille Fatale Unisex fragrance 2017, Mandarino di Amalfi Acqua Unisex fragrance 2017, Sole di Positano Unisex fragrance 2017, Ombre Leather Unisex fragrance 2018, Fougere d'Argent Unisex fragrance 2018, Fougere Platine Unisex fragrance 2018, Lost Cherry Unisex fragrance 2018, Beau de Jour cologne for Men 2019, Costa Azzurra Acqua Unisex fragrance 2019, Lavender Extreme Unisex fragrance 2019, Tuscan Leather Intense Unisex fragrance 2019, Sole di Positano Acqua Unisex fragrance 2019, Fleur de Portofino Acqua Unisex fragrance 2019, Metallique perfume for Women 2019. ... Continue reading [show/hide]

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